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December 2, 2004
Mr. Ryan Shaw from U. S. A., a Trust sponsor, made a visit to the school. During his visit last year, he decided to sponsor Master Prabhakaran, a student in the seventh standard who had recently lost his father to AIDS. Master Prabhakaran has one older sister who is affected by polio and his mother has been taking care of her two children by working as a farm laborer. Because of the family’s financial situation, the Trust provides for his room, board, books, school supplies, uniforms, medical treatment and school fees. This year beginning on December 4, Mr. Ryan offered to teach English to the 6th, 7th, and 8th standards. The children were very interested in his teaching and enthusiastic to learn proper American pronunciation and sentence structure. After he finished teaching each day, several teachers helped him learn Tamil pronunciation. When Master Prabhakaran's birthday approached on December 21, Mr. Ryan wanted him to be able to enjoy his birthday as other children do. So, he purchased groundnut candies for all of the students in the school and a birthday cake for the children who board at the school. That evening Master Prabhakaran along with 18 students, two teachers, two cooks, Ms. Shanti Cliff, president of One World Children's Fund from U.S.A., and Mr. Ryan gathered in the Hostel. Master Prabhakaran cut the birthday cake and gave pieces to Mr. Ryan, Ms. Shanti and the others. On an earlier occasion, Mr. Ryan had taken Master Prabhakaran and two of his friends to dinner in Sri Ramanshramam to make him and his friends happy. He also had planned to take him to a movie at a later time, but with a suggestion of the Trust’s Managing Trustee, a field trip to a reservoir was planned in its place. On December 30, Mr. Ryan along with Master Prabhakaran, two of his friends, the Managing Trustee and his family visited Sathanur Dam. After eating a picnic lunch, which was prepared by Mrs. K. Jothi, the children swam for nearly two hours in the swimming pool.

December 19, 2004
The Arunachulam Trust hosted a medical camp to immunize children in the rural community of Punalkadu that had been affected by Hepatitis B. The event began with the lighting of the Kuthuvilakku by Ms. Shanti Cliff, president of One World Children's Fund from U.S.A. which provided the funding for the camp. Ms. Cliff spoke about the work of her Foundation and praised the Arunachalam Trust for the excellent work they do in education and community outreach programs. She also presented the Trust with a certificate for their outstanding contributions they have made. Presiding over the event was Mr. Viswanathan, Tiruvannamalai Revenue Divisional Officer. The occasion provided him with an opportunity to visit the remote community and learn about the work of both the Children’s Foundation and the Arunachalam Trust. Mr. Ryan Shaw, a Trust sponsor from U.S.A., also spoke about his recent experience teaching English at Sri Ramana Matriculation School. Following the speakers, Dr. Rajasekaran, who together with his medical team performed the immunizations, gave a presentation to the villagers about Hepatitis B and the importance of the immunization protection. Next was a cultural program of traditional and contemporary dances performed by 29 students from Sri Ramana Matriculation School. Over 120 children were immunized during the camp and will receive two additional immunizations in the months to come. The cost of each immunization is 50 Rupees totaling approximately $550 U.S.

August 31, 2004
The Ramana Jnana Ratha (a decorated car that included an image of Sri Ramana Maharshi) visited the school. The car was created in honor of Sri Ramana Maharishi’s 125th birth year by Ramana Maharishi's Associations and Sri Ramanasramam. The Ramana Jnana Ratha began its tour at his birthplace in Thiruchuzhi on August 17 and proceeded to many towns and cities in Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Andhara Pradesh before ending its journey in Tiruvannamalai on August 30. On August 31 the Ramana Jnana Ratha completed pradakshana (trip around the Arunachala mountain) before coming to Sri Ramana Matriculation School where students, teachers and parents welcomed it with Nathaswara Katchery (Hindu music), the Kumba Mariyatha and Aksharamana Malai (108 verses of a song written by Sri Ramana Maharishi praising Arunachala).

August 15, 2004
The Annual Independence Day celebration began at 8:00 a.m. with prayer. After the school correspondent welcomed everyone, the students’ March Fast was presented. After this, the featured guest, Mr. S. Jayaraman, M.A., B.L., Deputy Commissioner of Arunachaleshwarer Temple, raised the National Flag. This was followed by boys’ tumbles exercises and girls’ pole drills.
Children, who won in the Camel Colour Contest, and Sathiya, who secured the first mark in the Public Examination were presented with prizes from Mr. Eizho Tabuchi from Japan, Ms. Keiko Nakamura from Japan, Ms. Yuka Murai from Bangalore, Mrs. Rashmi Dharmaprakash from Nandipura and Mr. Mizuho Watanabe from Japan. After the national anthem, guests were offered a sweet (Lattu). At 10:15 AM, a cultural program was presented which included Bharathanatiyam, national song dance, folk dance, modern dance, devotional song dance and “Veerapandiya Kattabomman” a Tamil play.

June 5, 2004
Books, notebooks, uniforms and shoe socks were issued to students at the school. Attending the function were State Bank of India Asst. General Manager Dr. D. Dhanasekar, State Bank of India Manager (Accounts) Pon Singaram and Tiruvannamalai District Social Welfare Officer Mrs. Sailakshmi. Mrs. Pushparega Paramaguru, a student sponsor, participated in the function by presenting books, notebooks, uniforms and shoe socks to several of the students.

Noveber 1, 2004
The Trust inaugurated an environmental project at Annakilikotta, a village of 40 families five kilometers from the school. Mr. P. Ramesh Kumar, Central Government Home Department Deputy Superintendent of Police planted the first tree sapling. Sri Ramana Matriculation students from the 7th, 8th and 9th standards each planted three tree saplings. Each family received 50 fruit bearing tree saplings for planting. Besides helping the environment, the trees will provide villagers with additional source of income. Trust Managing Trustee Mr. M. Karunanithi coordinated the event. The participating teachers were Mr. S. Vasudevan, Mr. D. Sasikumar, Mr. R. Yvaraj, Mr. A. Trisul, Mr. B. Subramanian, Mrs. T. Porchilai, Mrs. V. Jayasree, Mrs. H. Preetha, Miss. D. Saravanakumari and Miss. B. Jayasree.



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