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New School ConstructionConstruction of the Compound Wall Begins

After much effort, the construction of the compound wall for the new school has begun. In June, we registered 6 cents of land and another 10 cents on July 23 for a total of 16 cents, which was still less than the three acres we needed (we had only 2 acres and 84 cents, which was 16 cents less than the three acres). The neighboring landowners didn’t want to sell any of their land, because they knew that the price would raise once the school construction began.

After a great ordeal, one neighbor came forward and offered the land that we needed. We paid him Rs.640, 000 ($15,250) for the 16 cents that we needed. So, the problem has been resolved.

On August 8, we began construction on the foundation of the compound wall. The length of the perimeter wall is 300 feet on the eastern side of the property, 370 feet to the south, 350 feet to the west and 430 feet to the north. Totally the length is 1450 feet. The foundation depth is three feet by two feet wide. The total cost for the wall is Rs, 620,000 ($14,750). The wall is expected to be completed within the next three weeks.

New School Construction 2 New School Construction 3
New School Construction 4

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