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Independence Day Celebrated at New School Site

Independence Day 2008 01On August 15, the national festival Independence Day was celebrated at the new school site. His Holiness Swami Shantananda Puri Maharaj from Vashita Guha of Himalayas participated in the function and unfurled a new Indian national flag, which was donated to the school by Ms. Peggy from Germany. We thank her for her love and kindness.

The function began with a welcoming introduction from School Correspondent Karunanithi followed by a story about Bhagavan Ramana Maharshi’s fondness of monkeys and their love of him that was told by Swamiji.

The first three rank holders of last year 10th standard students were awarded cash prizes. The first award was given to Vinothini (his sponsor is Mr. Eizho Tabuchi of Japan) who got 414 marks out of 500. The second award was given to Kanakavalli who secured 376 out of 500 and the third one was given to Parthiban (a Sri Lankan refugee who is sponsored by Charitas of Czech Republic); he secured 341 out of 500.

After the presentation, students did tumbles and lexeme exercises. School computer teacher Ms. Sivasankari concluded the event by expressing thanks to all the attendees who were each given a sweet.

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