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School Construction Progress : StairsStaircases Complete, Steps in Progress

The staircases concrete molding work was finished on July 1. Steps construction is ongoing. As the steps work goes on, the children are ready to step into the new school building. And also as the steps work goes on, more support will step on to the Arunachalam Trust to finish the roof concrete.

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School Construction Progress : Stairs School Construction Progress : Stairs

Students Pass Public Examination

We have secured centum result in the X Standard Government Public Examination. All the 12 students passed in the Examination. Out of 12 students, 11 students got first class and one got second class. Master C. Manikandan who stayed in our orphanage secured first mark 433 out of 500, A. Divyabharathy secured second mark 420 out of 500 and M. K. Sandeep secured third mark 392 out of 500 in our school. Another boy L Jaishankar who stayed in the orphanage,   M.Siva, K. Komathi and V. Vigneshwari are the three other students who got educational sponsorships have passed in the class. These all are possible only by your wishes and your support to them. We all are very grateful to you very much.

The rough flooring work has finished in the building work. Technical and materials gathering works are on progress for the further proceedings. Column rising will be started in the next week.

Progress on New School

On the third of June the steel structural design work has been started and finished today. For column, 25mm, 20mm and 16mm rods were used according to their bearing weights. 8mm rods were used for rings. We utilized 5 tons of rods. It costs 6 tons X 40,000 INR. Photos are attached here. And the steel designing labours payment is 6 tons X 4,000 INR.

Tomorrow and the day after tomorrow, the bottom shoe making will be done. Then, the next works are fitting of column boxes and filling the concrete in the column boxes. These works will be done on 15th June, the Wednesday onwards.

The school will be reopened on 15th June, the Wednesday.

New School Progress New School Progress
New School Progress New School Progress
New School Progress New School Progress
New School Progress  

The school building construction work has been going on steadily. After the steel structural frame work, the bottom shoe making and pillar columns rising has finished. 42 columns rose as 9 feet height, 1.5 feet breadth and 9 inches thickness. And 14 columns rose as 9 feet height and 9 inches of breadth and thickness. 2 feet height and 9 inches thickness beams will be laid in crisscross manner on these columns before terrace concrete laying. These 56 columns are covered with gunny bags to get cured. The wet gunny bags keep wetness for long time.

The next work is three stair cases construction. Stair cases will be built in the middle and at the two ends of the building. Centering work, beam and slope steel framing works and then concrete filling work will be done respectively. 

After this work, connecting the pillar columns with crisscross steel structural frame of beams and these will be connected with crisscross steel structural frame of terrace and covering the total area with concrete will be the very biggest work. This work needs 20 tons of steels, 1000 bags of cements, 20 loads of sand and 20 loads of blue metals. Apart from these, centering work will be done for the whole terrace area and beams. Concrete mixing machine and skilled workers are needed. The roughly estimated amount for this work would be INR 1,800,000.

New School Progress New School Progress
New School Progress New School Progress
New School Progress New School Progress
New School Progress New School Progress
New School Progress New School Progress
New School Progress New School Progress
New School Progress New School Progress

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