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25th Anniversary Celebrated

On 21st April 2013 Sunday at 6:30 pm our school 25th Annual Day (Silver Jubilee) Celebration was started with lighting of Kutthu Vilakku by Cine Actor and Director Mr. Anu Mohan and Child Specialist Dr. Anu. R. Krishnan (A mother of our school KG child Riya R. Krishnan. Her father is also a Doctor). Our school Founder and correspondent Mr. M. Karunanithi started to tell the story as follows. The school was inaugurated on 20th October 1988 with the lighting of Kutthu Villakku by the then Sriramanasramam President sri. T. N. Venkatraman. Today the school is on its 25th year. This could possible by means of many people’s support.

In the year 2000, a Devotee of Bhagavan Mr. Chand Bihari Lal from New Delhi had worked as a teacher in London School of Economics at London stayed near to our school and supported in all the way to the school to get its stability. He mentioned some other names and organisations those who supported our school and told as the name list was very long and he ended with recent support from Swamy Shantananda Puri from Vasita Guha at Himalayas. He thanked everyone from his Heart at this juncture.

He pointed out that the school functioned in many rented buildings and then in a small building and now it has three acres of land with a big building as per the Government norms. In this pleasant occasion he announced that the school was trying to get Higher Secondary Classes (Eleventh Standard) in the coming Academic Year. He listed out the old students of our school were in good position in various fields. As an example, an old student and a girl of our school A. Mageshwari had finished her Master of Law and practicing as an advocate in Chennai High Court was honoured in this precious moment. Then he welcomed the guests with a shawl and a laminated Ramanar photo as a gift and then welcomed parents, publics, teachers and students. Around one thousand people participated in the celebration.

A.Rajapandian, A. Lakshminarayanan and A. Vinothini (Girl) were the old students of our school. A. Rajapandian, a handicapped student stayed in our free hostel and got all free from our Trust and Vinothini got educational sponsorship from our Trust. Their grandfather Mr. Natesan participated in the celebration and spoke that his daughter was in poor condition to run her family and the Trust had given sponsorships for two of her children and so only three of them could able to study in the school.  In this school they secured first place in the Public Examination and as the same they could study well and got merit to have their higher education. Now Rajapandian has finished his Engineering and working as an Engineer in a company and he is earning Rs. 30,000/- per month and supporting his family. The other two are also doing their Engineering courses. He told from the Heart that these were possible to them because of the support of the Trust and thanked to the correspondent of our school who provided the sponsorships to them.

Superintend of Inspector of Matriculation School Mr. Venkatesan felicitated that the school functioned up to this 25 years was a great achievement. The Government pressed the schools to give 25% Free Education, but other schools were not obeying. This Ramana School had been giving free education for more than 50% of the children in the school. It was very great. After this, Retired Engineer and one of the Trustees of our Trust Mr. D. Paneerselvam felicitated that it was wonderful to be in the 25th year. Managing Trustee Mr. Karunanithi was a hard worker and a great faithful person. So that only it could possible to be in the 25th year. Then film Director and our correspondent’s friend and classmate in the college Mr. M. Krishnamurhty felicitated as reminding that he and the correspondent sat beside in the Bachelor Degree Class in Voorhees College, Vellore and studied. The correspondent did well his studies in the college. So that only he could run the school well. He wished the school could grow well further.

  Vellore District Public Relation Officer Mr. Bala. Sakthidhasan honoured our correspondent with a shawl and prayed for the long live of the correspondent. After this, Exnora International Vice-President Mr. P. Indirarajan felicitated as that the school was in the Silver Jubilee as the same it should celebrate Golden Jubilee, Diamond Jubilee and Centenary as so on. The others felicitated in the function were Gengusamy Naidu Matric. Higher Secondary School Correspondent Mr. Chinnaraj, Public Notary Advocate Padur K. Ramesh, Dr Anu. R. Krishnan and the Officer in the Tiruvannamalai District Police Superintend office Mr. Ruthramurthy.

At last, the Cine Actor and the Director Mr. Anu Mohan had given the special speech. Some of the students were watching always television and spoil their life. They should watch the television only programs which develop their knowledge and life. And also he pressed that with education students should develop their good characters. They should follow the discipline. As he was a VIP in the society, he did not develop the bad characters to his children. If his children drive a car, they should posses a driving license. Otherwise they should be punished.  And then he explained the Tamil word “VAZHKKAI” (life), in that word, each letter of the word in the Tamil Grammar, how it was related to the life. So he pressed that each one should develop their lives and made it very prosperous.

After this, children’s cultural programs started with the prayer of Ramanar Song “Unakke Namashkaram”. Then KG children welcomed the audience by the English Song “We welcome you”. Our Indian classical dance Bharathanatyam was performed by IX girl Radhika for the song “Adal Kalaiye Dhevan Thanthathu”. At the end of the dance, Mr. Anu Mohan came to the stage and praised the girl. And he told to the audience that in cinema for every movement, they took many shots and edit and add. It should take 10 or 15 days for a song. But she did well in a single shot. So, they should give their big hands to her. Primary children did a dance for an old song “ Kunguma Poove, Konchum Purave”. Then primary children performed a comedy Tamil Play “Akbarum Beerbalarum”. This is the play explains that even a king could not stop the baby’s cry. 

A Devotional Amman (Sakthi) dance “Veoppilai Kaari” (Neem leaves represents Sakthi) was performed by the primary children. It was a very emotional and strong devotional song performed very well by the children. This time also Mr. Anu Mohan came to the stage and praised the children and also the teacher who practiced this dance to the children. This was followed by a Tamil Folk dance “Kaiyalavu Ullathile Kadalavu Asai Machaan”(The place we think is the size of our arm, but the thinking in the arm size Heart is the size of the ocean).This was interestingly enjoyed by all. Then the English Play “Pandora’s Box” was performed by the higher class students.

IX Standard girls welcomed the rain by their dance. At last higher class boys’ break dance took place. Merit Certificates and prizes were distributed by Mr. Anu Mohan to all the participants in the cultural programs. Our school Social Teacher Mrs. P. Saraswathi thanked all the participants. A sweet (Lattu) was distributed to all the audience and others. The celebration came to an end at 9:30 pm.

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