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Volunteer Teachers at the School

Mr. Kai and Ms. Sarah from USA have been doing their voluntary teaching to the children from 27th January onwards in our school. They are from the Stetson University sent by our well wisher Mr. Phillip C. Lucas, professor of religious studies at Stetson University.  Ms. Sarah teaches to the primary children and Mr. Kai teaches to the High School students. Children are very happy to have their presence.

Children's story writer Mr. Martine, from England visited our school in the last week. He joined with Ms. Sarah and narrated the story "Fire" to the children. The children enjoyed very much by hearing the story with action. Latter he practiced actions with sentences as made many section of a class. That day was very enjoyable day to the children.

Mrs. Prema, Mrs. Mirabai and Mr. Fernando from Argentina visited our school on this week at the first working day of Monday. They had the training of "Blessing" from the Oneness University in Andrapradesh, India. These three of them blessed the children, volunteers, teachers and to me also by chanting of mantra. This was the very special experience to all of us.

Picnic to Sathanur Dam

On February 8, our primary children went for a picnic to Sathanur Dam. This Sathanur Dam is thirty Kilometer away South of Tiruvannamalai and built across the river Thenpennai. There are many parks, a swimming pool, a Crocodile Farm and so may. Our 55 children, the teaching volunteer Ms. Sarah, 9 teachers, a woman assistant and I had left the school at 8:45 am with two of our vans. We reached the Dam at 10:15 am.

First the children were very interested to play in the parks. There were see-saws, sliding, pyramids, swings and so on amusement equipments.  So many gigantic statues like elephant, diaunocer, ten head snake and so many. These all were very excitement to the children and teachers. They went to through three parks and enjoyed. Around 12:30 pm all of us had tomato rice, potato curry and a banana. 

After the lunch, we went to the Crocodile Farm. There were more than 500 crocodiles from young to old. Children were scared to see the crocodiles. Few of them alarmed. Then we went to near the dam. On the dam at a shadow we sat. We all sang a song individually. Sarah and a girl danced well. Totally, this was a very happiest moment. At last we came to the vans at 3:30 pm and left from there and reached the school at 4:30 pm.

Thank you very much to spare your time to read this news.

With warm regards,

Republic Day Celebrated

The 65th Indian National Republic Day was celebrated in our Sri Ramana Matriculation School on January 26, 2014 the Sunday from 7:00 am onwards. At first, an abishekam was performed to Lord Ganesha in our school campus. Then, the children, teachers, Chief Guest and the Special Guests gathered at the ground at 8:00 am. The function began with the children's prayer. I then welcomed the Chief Guest Tamil Nadu State Exnora Vice President Mr. P. Indirarajan and the Special Guests, founder of Aranachula Yoga Centre Mrs. Karina Stewart and her mother, Mrs. Margaret Percival and her yoga group from Scotland.  Their full group consisted of Mrs. Denise Fyvie, Mrs. Lynne Cursiter, Mrs. Lillian Downie, Mrs. Morag Herbert, Mrs. Susan Ogg, Mrs. Morag McBain, Mrs. Sharon Walker, Mrs. Alison Jaffrey Henderson, Mrs. Sheena Craig, and Mrs. Christine Henderson.  Mr. Mike Horsey and volunteer teachers Mr. Kai Eckenrode and Ms. Sarah Stuart from the United States were also welcomed, along with Mr Neill Schell from Australia. Each guest was presented with a sandalwood garland and a memento. Finally, I welcomed the parents, teachers, children and all others in attendance to the function. 

Mr. P. Indirarajan then unfurled the Indian National Flag and delivered a special speech about the Republic Day Celebration. He mentioned how our forefathers sacrificed their lives to gain Indian independence. He mentioned some of the names of the freedom fighters like Gandhi, Nehru, Veerapandiyakattapomman and so on.  He also pointed that our school's children, along with the future generation of India, should protect this freedom very carefully. Then our school provided a very tasty breakfast to all of our guests, children, parents and teachers.

Many ladies from the surrounding villages participated in a Kolam competition, conducted by our Arunachalam Trust. One first prize winner, two second prizes and three third prizes were selected by our Special Guests as judges. Then our Special Guests visited the classes and were impressed by our children's ability to answer their questions correctly.

Later in the celebration, Mr. Manimaran from Pondicherry played Veena, Violin and flute very gracefully.  After a short intermission, our children's dance competition began with a shower of colors, costumes, and thundering music.  The first dance welcomed those gathered with a keyboard rendition of the Vandemataram Flag Song, performed by our adorable Kindergarteners adorned in orange, white and green to represent the tricolors in the Indian National Flag.

The next dance was the Indian classical dance Bharathanatyam performed by one 7th Standard student like a peacock fluttering its feathers.  She commanded the stage with her graceful and flowing movements.

Our 3rd, 4th, and 5th Standard boys and girls followed with their Indian national dance, which is designed to give much courage and boldness to live in the world.  Their synchronization and rhythm were both impressive and enjoyable to watch.

An English play was performed by 2 girls and 2 boys, and highlighted the historical and political importance of India's Republic Day.  The play included the customs of the Indian family as well as some quick improvisation. 
The competition was given a thundering jolt by our 8th and 9th Standard boys who performed an energetic and stylish modern dance, choreographed by one of our own students.

The devotional song worshipping the Sakti was performed by a group of girls.  The song is also a prayer to give energy and health long throughout the life.

Finally, the Tamilian folk dance known as Karakattam closed out the competition.  The dance is also a prayer to Ganesha and can symbolize the competition between men and women.  The judges were left with many tough decisions, as each dance group was special in its own right.

At last, the prizes were awarded to the Kolam and dance competitions by our special guests.  To end the day's festivities, School Principal Mr. S. Managandan delivered a word of thanks to participants and guests alike.  Afterwards, guests and teachers had a delicious Indian meal to bring an end to the very special day.

To conclude, I would once again like to personally thank our Chief and Special Guests, teachers, and students, who together made this celebration a tremendous success. 

With warmest regards,


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