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Urgent Request

The old school is too smallThe school desperately needs a new facility. The current school site is too small and lacks a playground. Additionally, inspectors identified several problems with the structure. Please read our Urgent Request for further details.

Land Has Been Purchased

Groundbreaking at new school siteConstruction has begun on Sri Ramana Matriculation School's new school site. A six-inch diameter and 306 feet-depth bore-well was sunk in the land. The bore-well has a good yield of water.

The plans for building construction have also been completed. Kindergarten will have two classrooms, first through tenth standards will have 10 classrooms, and the expanded eleventh through twelfth standards will have four classrooms. Additionally, four rooms will be used for laboratories and two rooms for the administration and teaching staff.

The construction cost of one square foot is $10 (rs.450). The construction of a 617 square-foot room is $6,170 (Rs.2,77,650).

The trust has decided to offer its patrons an opportunity to support the education of the disadvantaged children of Arunachala by naming a room after themselves or their loved ones. With a donation of $6,170, the requested name will be engraved above a room. Since there is a limited number of rooms, please send your donations early. (Donations are tax deductible and can be made in three installments within a year.)

Please visit the Sponsorship page for further details on how to contribute. Or, if you have questions or would like additional information, Contact Us.



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