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Urgent Request

Last year, a school fire in Tamil Nadu took the lives of 94 children. As a result of the catastrophe, the government demanded that all schools with thatched terrace shed roofs in Tamil Nadu be removed. Our school had a thatched shed on the second floor in which the 4th through 9th standard classes were held. When we removed it, we shifted the six classes to a rented building next door. Our classroom space is now very cramped and we do not have a playground for the students. We also rent another building which is used for the boarding students and for the midday meal for all of the students.

When the Inspector of Matriculation Schools had inspected our school, he issued the following list in which we must comply this year:

  1. The rented building needs a building stability certificate. (It is not possible to get this certificate because the building is used as a house.)
  2. A playground is required for the school.
  3. The school requires at least five acres of land.
  4. Kindergarten and the primary classrooms need to be on the ground floor.
  5. The classroom sizes need to meet government standards.

If we don’t meet the above compliance demands when we apply for our renewal of recognition, it will be very difficult for the school to continue functioning. The children will loose their school and their education.

This is an urgent request for your help.

The school needs your help more than ever. If you are able to contribute to our cause, please send your check/demand draft/money order donation designated to the Arunachalam Trust or send your contribution through a non-profit organization. You may have a copy of our FCRA registration upon request.

The children of Sri Ramana Matriculation School are forever grateful to you for your generosity. Thank you.



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